what a world, what a life

moving is always something to look forward too. i love the city i live in. i love walking down the pedestrian roads, irking american drivers when i cross to the main roads. but moving into a new, blank slate–as great as it sounds–is so hectic and busy.

it’s merely been four days since “move-in” day and i still feel like half of my life hasn’t completely moved in yet. still, all the furnishings seem to be in place (bookshelves pending); my bed is made; my kitchen feels some what lived in. but it’s quiet. inside at least. outside is a racket!

i’ve been stressing, de-stressing, stressing again. making appointments, sleeping in, eating meals out of a bowl and combining foods that should not be allowed to combine.

at least, tomorrow, more people move into the complex. then it should be more lively. i had forgotten how much i loved to study and to learn (along with having tons of fun too!) but even though i’m about to be surrounded by all my friends. i’m looking forward to being alone too.

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