unexpected surprises

sometimes the world flies at you like an empty coffee pot at 3 in the morning before a final: not at all.

this is not* one of those instances.

writing is more than a hobby, creative outlet, passion, or a combination of all three. it’s my livelihood. not as in “what i do for a living” or  “what makes me money.” it’s as in “it’s what i breathe, live, eat, dream about, crave.”

i offer myself at every opportunity and it comes as such as surprise that my livelihood–my passion–could actually become that sort of livelihood. i don’t know these things when I search for opportunities. i just grab them! so i’m glad that all the signs point to yes! you can* make a living off of this and yes! these people will teach you the skills needed to make. that. dream. come. true.


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