women and cyborgs? feminist connection

if none of you have thought of cyborgs and women (in literary terms) being related think again. and NO, i am not referring to women wanting to change their bodies or make their appearence younger. I am talking about

razor blade nails,

types of cyborgism for women.

now, this should come as a tini bit of a shock, but I’m a nerd. A sci-fi nerd. A really big one. As in, I can pun Star Wars and foreign politics.

in the same sentence.

alright, but enough of that.  .  .what feminism means to a lot of women  in pro-choice, pro-rights, and pro-equality. so how can this ever related to cybertronics? Well, my dear readers,  cyborgs–as in anything that has a technological modification at their physical level/replacement of a natural for an mechanical feature–represent that freedom.

freedom from over-sexuality; freedom from reproductive worries; obvious respect and equality, because now, now, you have something the men don’t (not like you didn’t already). cyborgism remains the completely neutral territory of science. when you’re a cyborg do you really have gender? race? sex? or class?

where do our traditional classifying systems come into play?

can we even rely on them anymore?

ha ha. we can; we can’t; we don’t; we do. people in science fiction have been debating this forever, but to be honest, i think it should be left up to the people–to the readers–whether or not Molly in Neuromancer is a true “cyborg” and decide for themselves if our society is ALREADY heading that way.


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