what did I tell you? political forecasting for Rick Perry and Herman Cain is spot on!

Remember this post about two months ago? https://laurynash.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/gopdebate/ It was the one involving who we really needed to watch out for in the coming election, regarding the GOP canidates.

Maybe you don’t remember it.

But it’s okay. and here’s why.

According to the Washinton Post, Rick Perry is slipping behind Herman Cain in the polls. Not one of the individuals, I brought up. BOTH the individual potential presidential candidates I have suggested are now climbing to the top of the political sector on the Republican side.

And how can that be?

First, let’s look at Herman Cain. Herman Cain is a first-class business man. He takes his corporate experience and directly applies to the nation in the form of hard-cut problem solving. He isn’t afraid to be honest when it comes to his lack of knowledge in political affairs. He also has a strong voice that can rile a crowd like a baptist preacher. For a candidate who has four staffers in the state of Iowa, almost unheard of in today’s political campaign, his potential to gain the GOP nomination is outstanding. Hehas a strong chance of winning over the votes of many Republicans. 

Now, what happened to Perry?

Though many sources claim his ratings are slipping, we see that overall support for Rick Perry has yet to dramatically decline in his disfavor. However, with the rise of Herman Cain in the polls. Perry better watch out. While at first his popularity seemed secure, Cain has tackled issues Perry didn’t want brought to light. And it appears that there may not be a coalition between them. Nevertheless, if Herman Cain doesn’t win the GOP nomination, Perry better choose Cain as his vice presidential nominee.

A political innovator and revolutionary in Texas. Rick Perry had support of many Texans for his economic power-housing and overall Texas first mindset. However, that same campaign tactics won’t work on the national level. Perry knows that he has to appeal to the mass Republican base as well as appear to compromising to independents. Can he do this?

Only time will tell.

Perry and Cain on CNN

which one will take the lead from the media-favored Romney?

The only statistics we have so far are this:

A recent poll collected by the Washington Post published on Oct. 3rd, 2011 states that 3 out of 4 groups of voters (all adults, democrats, independents, and republicans) see a Republican candidate winning next year’s election.

So, maybe this should be for Obama to watch out.

Watch out for Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Because even though the polls show Perry as slipping, Mitt Romney also continues to decline. And Herman Cain. Well, as I said before:

“Republicans…need a humble, respectful, and dedicated leader that knows both the economic and international sector well enough to run our nation home and abroad.” 

Will Herman Cain become this leader? Or will Rick Perry regain the ground lost to Cain? Romney is still the level-headed, media favorite. But no longer is he a “shoe in” for presidency. Republicans are finding they have choices. They have strong leaders. They will have their vote.

And maybe, just maybe,

They’ll take the election.





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