small aside:

healthy food is so much more filling than unhealthy food.

today for breakfast, my roommate and i had a molasses cookie bar we needed to get rid of. (we’ve had it frozen about a month now.) so i thawed it last night and took a good 3/4 of it this morning for my regular weekday coffee. at the same time, i wanted to see how my new creation held up against it. (ps: my new creation is not* as good as expected and, frankly, NEEDS to be modified. i wanted to try it anyway.)

so place them on my plate, side by side. after nomming on the molasses cookie bar for a while, i take a bite of my baked pumpkin oatmeal w/ apple topping. Hmm. i thought. The cookie left me wanting more, but my healthy no-sugar oatmeal fills me up.

even though it is most assuredly not as delicious as the wonderfully, iced cookie, it is much more filling with a cup of coffee. so it’s not the sweetest breakfast choice and needs a lot more cinnamon and nutmeg, but it’s a great start. (: and proof that healthier food items (even baked ones) will fill you up more, than their sugary counterparts.

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