will he be the very best?: Herman Cain Quotes Pokemon! (:

While many others out there would bash on Herman Cain, I’ve decided to make light of the situation. Herman Cain Quotes Pokemon

I have written a wonderful rendition of the good old Pokemon Theme we all know and love. Only this time, it has a little bit of a Republican twist. Enjoy the parody of The Pokemon Theme: Herman Cain styled!!! (ps: you’ll have to sing along with the full “Pokemon Theme song” found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuYeHPFR3f0   of course.)


He wants to be the very best,
like no one ever was!
to change America is his test
a President with a cause

Herman Cain!

He will travel across the land
searching far and wide.
his candidacy you understand
has a power from inside.

Herman Cain, it’s you and me
for a Republican Presidency
Herman Cain, our hands we’ll extend
to make an America we commend.

GOP, let our hearts be true!
Show him the courage to pull him through
You’ll support him and he’ll stand for you
Herman Cain!

Every challenge along the way
with gumption he will face
He will battle everyday
to claim his rightful place.

Come with him, the time is right!
We have a nation to redeem
Arm in Arm, we’ll win this fight;
It’s always been our dream.

Gotta vote him in, Gotta vote him in,

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