Oatmeal Pumpkin Bars: incomplete success.

incomplete because i can bake oatmeal, but the recipe needs some fine tuning.

when making pumpkin oatmeal bars from scratch, many people would probably turn to a recipe or carefully measure their ingredients. . . nope, not me.

it’s not that i completely trust my instincts. this experiment actually proves why i shouldn’t trust my instincts completely. but rather, i want to see what happens. i love pumpkin. i love oatmeal. and i hadn’t used the oven yet, so why should it matter whether or not i created the recipe or stole elements of it or basically nixed half of the ingredients given by other people? . . . it shouldn’t.

but it did.

when American pumpkin lovers think of how pumpkin should taste, i imagine what they really mean is pumpkin spice. it’s that sweet, cinnamonesque flavor that really emphasizes that signature pumpkin taste. without pumpkin pie spice (or sugar, nutmeg, and ginger) it doesn’t matter how much cinnamon or honey or other sweetener you put into your pumpkin oatmeal bars. it just doesn’t taste right.

for someone too cheap to buy that 88¢ nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice, this presents a problem. so i admit defeat, but only in that regard.

Small Pumpkin bar with Green Tea

recipe experiment not a complete success, but not a complete failure.

the baked oatmeal would have been the perfect treat warmed in the microwave. i cool it with cinnamon-apple topping or i can warm up some honey and use that as syrup, but the taste beneath those toppings is still off. despite this, i am actually beginning to like it plain and cold. this only works in very small, concentrated doses with more cinnamon. although the taste is not quite as sweet as it should be, it does fill me up. unfortunately, i cannot give it a good review regardless of how yummy it looks. i know how it should be and it isn’t that.

first of all, i need at least 1/2 cup of honey, 1 cup of pumpkin, chunks of apples, lots and lots or cinnamon, and nutmeg/ginger/pumpkin pie spice to truly make this treat fall worthy. also, i think some coconut oil used as pan grease would actually work very well with this.

i know, i did so many things wrong. but what went right? using original soy milk was the best decision to put with the pumpkin and the oats. it was a sweetener in of itself, albeit not sweet enough. it complimented perfectly. 

so when this recipe actually works. i will post it on twcMediterasian @ mediterasian.wordpress.com but for now, enjoy knowing that when one recipe fails you slightly. you can still eat it and try again later.

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