the values we share: muslim and christian abstinence

albeit, i attend a secular party campus and the environment is not one that even attempts to establish good moral boundaries when it comes to sex and how to spend your nights “out on the town.” honestly, we don’t even have a good dance club. all we have are bars and bars and bards (aka homeless veterans/otherwise singing a capella or with amps on the pedestrian mall).

then again, none of my friends are too privy to dancing anyway. but still, it would be nice to go out and know i could chill somewhere past 10pm without having to have my hand slashed with a red X or kicked out.

so when i found this article by the Washington Post @ I just HAD to share it? Why? Because it’s great how two culturally seen faiths are finally getting the religious similarities they deserve.

Some of the most morally inclined, chaste, and devoted girls I know–to their studies and their bodies–just happen to be Muslim. It’s a simple fact. But that doesn’t mean they are the ones with the most upturned noses. On the contrary, I have seen them banter with the best of them on crude humor. AND I have seen them be there for friends who don’t hold their values.

There are some in this country that label our American Muslims in the same category as those in the Middle East. This isn’t fair–to them or to us. Yes, I agree that Islamic law should never enter American courts, because this is America. But that doesn’t mean the people that practice this religion are any less American–especially if they go through citizenship or were born here.

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