thanksgiving break really is

when they save “thanksgiving break,” they really mean a “thanks-giving-break.”

this one week session of apparent nothingness really does embody the break from any school work, job, or even family that it accomplishes. the christmas season is too entrenched in being with family or a true love or volunteering and over-all good natured alturism that regardless of its length–usually longer for students, though perhaps not as long for “real job-holders”–it remains a season full of stress, winterim sessions of school, and cheap gifts and cheaper thank-you cards.

but when thanksgiving break comes along, for us Americans at least, it’s all about “family,” i would say in the gather around a table and eat area. however, many american households bring their children home from school or work for a week or three days and watch them hole in their room. they see them visit friends that have all gathered in the same area because all the parents wanted them back.

but really, the only family time is Thursday.

for me, however, i loved going home for Thanksgiving just to be with that so called “inescapable family.” i wanted to go back and do nothing–so i crammed my assignments into the previous week and now the post-ceeding week. i didn’t want to spend it holed away in my room or even on the dining room table studying or even writing things that I wanted to write from my list or catch up on reading or anything.

I just wanted to be there. Be there, ready, to do what ever needed to be done and whatever could be done. A break from what I was used to and doing something else entirely.

and it was.

I cooked; I cleaned; I wrote; I read; I worked out. . . I went shopping for Black Friday and I saw the lighting up of the Plaza in Kansas City. I did escape, but I escaped with my family. Which I think, is the best type of escape.

They pay for your food, your bed, your clothes, and your time. They give you Cafe Americanos on wintery days and relish in your accomplishments at college that your friends scoff at. They let you get away with eating Pumpkin flavored items everyday. Mine, if you do a thing like cooking, they love you forever and can’t get over your cooking.

And with each pan-seared chicken breast or pureed pumpkin concoction, I only smiled and made recipe changes and printed out copies for them. I loved it that much.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to Christmas break. Why? Because I needed that break from University life and its societal and work constructed backgrounds. I needed to pretend that I didn’t have anything to do but take care of myself and hang out.

It was nice. it was needed. It was overdue.

and I can’t wait until Christmas.

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