staying healthy in finals

it’s at this point in my life where i realize that i need lessen the worries i place on myself. finals @ university are stressful enough.

so is adhearing to a sleep schedule or strict dieting plan et al.


i love* working out and am thus adhearing to that pretty vigorously. also the overall aspects of my eating lifestyle truly haven’t changed.

despite that, it is so much more relieving to have me admit, “yes. i am going to eat that pastry and that cookie and drink that coffee. because yes, my body is going to handle it. and yes*, i am going to be fine regardless.”

since i’ve admitted it. and am pre-confessing. i hope this keeps me from actually binging on everything i see that happens to be sweet and moderates me more, because for at least this next week. i’m not going to kill myself over it.




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