i keep eating crunchy things so my teeth hurt

when i sit back and realize how variant midwestern weather can be, it calls back to my attention of how and why i really need to get my act together.

not that i’m not doing enough, writing enough, or being overall involved enough. it’s just my perfectionism is without end. perfection is not attainable, of course, yes? but my perfection revels in the messy, hints at the seemingly untrying, and dazzles at those who can achieve both naturally. perhaps i’m too hard on my overworked and overmotivated self.

yet, where would i be if i wasn’t?

everything i accomplish–have accomplished–is with hard work and dedication.¬†perseverance, persistance, and passion. (i like those three “p’s”)

i don’t want to give that up by doing just getting involved and going to school and. . . okay. the more i type of what i actually* do during university life is going to make this whole post seem petty. also known as: false, falty, not the whole truth, or overall stop complaining and start relaxing you are doing so much more than the average.

and yet, i wonder to myself.

why do i always feel like i am never doing enough?

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