new homepage post system incorporates suspiscion

I don’t think I’ve ever spelled suspicion right until now. Yup, to prove a point, I spelled it wrong in the previous sentence. Thank you, Chrome Spell Check. Regardless, today has proved both long and fruitful. 

For one, I discovered Rick Perry withdrew from the 2012 race today. How unfortunate.
For another, I realized my cell phone didn’t charge last night despite my thoughts it was plugged in. As much as I want the year to not* start to such a fast pace, please hurry up February so I can get my new lovely amazingly gifted iPhone.
Thirdly, my playwriting class directly referenced a text today that my father bought my for Christmas.  Oh the joys of unintentional intuitiveness. . .  
Fourthly, previous Mediterrasian posts have all been uploaded and with pictures! Now to compile all of this week into 2-3 posts on two dinners and one breakfast all to be posted as they are written Fri-Saturday.
On another note, I am so tired today. It must be from the odd food schedule (lunch didn’t happen until 4) and the bad bout of sleep last night (there’s a draft in my window when it isn’t covered up completely by my blanket. I really hope I don’t have to rearrange my room just so I’m warm at night. Just in case, I’m grabbing all my blankets and putting them at the foot of my bed. 

I wonder what time I should wake up tomorrow. . .it’s oatmeal + work out + Blick! + study + class = freeeeee~ afternoon time until I get to take this EPIC Conference Call with the Project Manager for CS6. Wootwoo- 

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