Chinese New Year Tidings

to all those in the international realm of “keeping up to date/actually know other’s countries holidays,” Happy Chinese New Year!

This is a big thing for me, because it started with a bout of bountiful exercise! Cycling to Tredmill and I walked to the bus stop twice? . . . Alright, maybe not that last bit. However, I am also going to exercise again with my lovely Ninja, chef de Japan, and best friend later this afternoon. So, this is very exciting for me.

I am also beginning to log my caloric intake. Not because I need to limit what I eat, but rather just make sure I eat enough of the right things and less of the wrong things. My body can handle anything I throw at it. But that doesn’t mean it should have to. I’m sure I could eat 5 Snicker’s bars a day and live to tell the tale (and still not gain any weight). That doesn’t mean I should. Truth be told, that actually sickens me. Bleh. I bet I’d taste them all again if you know what I mean…

Regardless, I also had a wonderful dose of caffeine to pick my day up from both workout and charging into studying. Did you know that the word “caffeine” is an exemption to the rule “i before e expect after c? or in sounding as a, such as in weigh?” Hm. I guess you could say it’s after c. . . if not, quite a bit so.

And onward I charged into my New Year with granola + greek yogurt + blueberries! Mmm. Definitely, a great start to the Chinese New Year. I’m noting down the 265 calories I burned this morning. -265. This means that my 200 calorie yogurt didn’t even count as breakfast. -winks-

Ha ha.

That’s not how it works really, but it would be great if I could think so.

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