celebrating a Mediterasian Meat Week!

or almost.

for those of you who don’t know, Meat Week is celebrated in about 20 or so states in the United States. This week-long festival is dedicated to the over-consumption of meat and its meat related products. Mm~

Of course, my lovely Y- is completely enamored by meat. I, myself, am partial more to fish. Regardless, if there’s an excuse to eat more delicious darkened barbeque meat (because in America that’s what “meat” means), then YES! I will accept that challenge whole-heartedly.

Follow me through Meat Week starting TOMORROW!!! (: Tonight’s dinner was sausage and pork cabbage wraps, with red and green cabbage salad. Tomorrow, the Mediterasian Kitchen is cooking up an All-Meat Chili!

But for right now, I’m doing a quick rendition of this weekend’s spectacular protein charged meals to get us that got us in the mood for America’s excuse–not like we need one–to eat Meat.

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