Meat Week Meat Ups! Night of the Platter That Just Didn’t Satisfy

Over at Wildwood Saloon and Steakhouse, we were expecting meat of epic proportions! The advertisements all pointed to numerous people gathered around mechanical bulls and a huge HOOPLA of excitement and ferver!



These Ribs were OVERpriced and UNDERmeat'd. . .

Instead, we walk into a very quiet, family friendly environment. With four booths alongside one wall, we grabbed the one wedged into the back. We would have had great seats….if there had been anything worth seeing. Our server decided we weren’t worth the trouble. Coming to our table a total of 5 times….never asking/giving drink refills. Just assuming we didn’t need them. Until, of course, I–who drinks water like I’m drowning–blantantly pointed out (half-way through the meal) that I needed one.



wildwood platter! a "feast" of meat....

The meat was good. I’ve had more succulent ribs, that fall off the bone; and I’ve had better barbeque sauce, as in one spice addition makes FIRE! here apparently. Our pulled pork was excellent, but very fatty. The sliced brisket had a very dry taste, despite its tenderness. However, my companions devoured it instead of me. So, I assume it was appealing to their palates. With one small cup of green beans and a large portion of sweet potato tater tots, I was amazed that the platter we got usually contains two hunks of GIANT cornbread.

How much meat would we have gotten if half of the entire platter was ALREADY taken up by the sides?!

In retrospect, we paid entirely too much for our food. Although it was five dollars for a burger with no side, which comparably is just about on the mark, the platter was a total of 23.99 US dollars. For, albeit, a lot of meat, but no real substance. It went down too easily. It wasn’t filling. And whether that was because my companions and I went in with a voracious appetite. Or because we split it two ways and then ended up being 2.3 ways. . .

Shakes head.

closing in on the white turkey and pulled pork. . .

Disappointing, a little. But still very good meat for the area we’re located at. Not the best. Definitely not worth the price or another drive out there. But definitely worth the knowledge that when it comes to good barbeque. This is just not the restaurant to turn to.


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