Meat Week Meat Ups! The Pit of Meat Heaven

You’ve all been waiting for it: the third and final night of Meat Week! Incredibly sorry for such a delay, but my immune system took a vacation this weekend. Leaving me all alone to fend for myself. On to the delicious consumption of tantalizing barbecue for the best price in Iowa City!

Iowa City isn’t known for its barbecue. It’s known for its vegetarian, gluten-free, small plates, sandwich shoppes, not to mention its coffee and bar-scene, yes, yes yes….Enough! When it comes down to logistics, Iowa City just doesn’t have a lot of barbecue places.

And why should it? The one it has on the corner of Market and Dubuque is the only one it needs.

With inventive names for its dishes such as the “Churger” (a beef burger patty and chopped chicken) or the “Coronary” (a pile of tater tots, melted cheese, pulled pork, sauce, and bacon), The Pit is as lively as it is local. With few seats to go around, it was hard finding a place for our Group Meat Up! Thankfully, a young couple stepped aside and we were able to all gather around a large bench-booth table.

The Coronary: Is it really bad for your heart, when all you can taste is the love?

They offered the traditional meal plans: brisket, pork, beef, chicken. And they also tended to the unique palates offering barbecued salmon, portebello mushroom, and even a ribeye steak sandwich. (Talk about some fancy tastes!) All for around the same all-inclusive price of $8.00.

That’s right folks.

You can get a steak for eight dollars. At least, that’s just the sandwich. Sides and drinks are extra. But for one who likes mixing their meat and not playing around. The Pit is that little piece of Heaven for all of us meat lovers. Want something cheaper? Get a basic one (aka just one meat) for around $5.75.

As for me, I got a “Chiglet.” Not on the menu, they let me customize it and gave me the same price as their “Churger.” Instead of the beef patty, I wanted pulled pork with their chicken. Topped with cheddar cheese and already mixed with barbecue sauce, my Chiglet turned out as it should have. Heavy on the meat. Lacking in any bread. I didn’t want it to take away from my lovely pork goodness.

Ohh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant! oh come, ye oh come ye, the Pit waits for you!

Topped with two thick bacon strips in an X, my eyes marked the spot first to devour. Underneath it all was a lonesome lettuce leef. ‘Twas an unfortunate reminder of how unhealthy my dinner was. And as I bit down into each bite, I really didn’t mind too much. The meats should have been mixed more thoroughly, otherwise they were adequately proportioned. I got a whole serving of each meat (for only about $2.25 more than a regular sandwich! Brilliance~

Take Note: This place has great food at great prices. They spend all their money on meat though, because your food comes to you in baskets and with the cheap plastic wrapping. I had to throw mine away because I ended up shredding it with my knife. The tater rounds are very greasy. The wrapping does some to soak this up, but it can end up soaking through it if you’re not careful.

Also, they have a CHALLENGE called the “Quadruple Bypass.” It’s free if ONE person can finish it in ONE-HALF Hour. I’d like to see someone do it. If they don’t, they’re stomach’s bursting and their wallet is about $27.99 emptier.


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