urban sustainability achievable. take that processed food!

Apparently Sweden is building an 18 story Greenhouse.

towering amongst the rest, THIS is how sustainable living can be achieved.

This idea isn’t nearly as innovative as one would imagine. Urban farming has been something increasing ever since the world realized how wonderful it was to be both self-sustaining AND healthy (by not having to rely on packaged foods and twinkies). By the way, googleChrome does not  legitimize “twinkies” as a word; therefore, it should not be a product.

Moving along.

Urban Sustainability has become a personal issue to me. I am enamored by the city lifestyle and by living organically. Hard to do when the closest farm is miles away if you’re living in New York, New York. Although I currently don’t live anywhere near a city like as such (and completely in the middle of the MidWest Farming Capital), I can’t accurately saw how its like. I know I have access to locally grown and organic food here.

But it’s expensive as anything.

What would that make the price in metropolis?

It would give me night tremors if I thought about it too hard–and if I didn’t have the audacity to think my writing is going to succeed to a high level for my lifestyle. Yet, Sweden’s examples proves how urban living can be more eco-nomical and self-sustaining. As more and more people move closer to cities, it’s important for large city networks to become aware of where there food comes from AND how much living with REAL food could actually cost if it was on your doorstep.

(Which is cheap if you put it into perspective of transportation, driver, et al costs).

In total, thank you Sweden, for making my hectic University Life seem worth it in the long-run.

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