lo’ behold! my first successful Pancake Creation de Mardi Gras!

a lovely heart shaped lime pancake; the first successful one I have ever made on my own.

Nothing tastes better than breakfast. Anytime of the day. So, when Foodimentary alerted me that Mardi Gras was synonymous with Pancake Day, I absolutely had to have pancakes. Originally, I was to rely on my friend’s pre-made, terribly unhealthy pancake mix out of a box. Thankfully (for both our sakes), she had a paper to write.


Instead I crafted my own Pancake/Waffle mix recipe from scratch! Completely gluten, lactose, and butter free, the entire batter totaled 750 calories with about 7 pancakes total. At only about 110 calories per pancake, I would say this marvelous experiment was a complete and utter success! Not only can I make pancake batter from scratch, I can make it in less than 10 minutes.

Whether or not this is good overall is yet to be seen. Immediacy to pancakes would ruin them. As such, I won’t be making them often. That and I just found out that I can make egg crepes.

yes, that's a little egg crepe you see. it may look like an omelette, but it isn't.

As in, I slightly beat an egg, spread it over the entire round surface of a pan like a crepe until it is very thin, and then flip it before it burns to create a solid disk of an egg. Egg crepes are now my new tortillas. Instant protein with all the versitility of a wrap. 

However, this post is about Mardi Gras festivities in the form of pancakes. Savory and sweet! our pancakes had a lemon and lime and parsley. Not traditionally seen in American pancakes. They weren’t sweet; they were sweetened. Pancakes can get weighted down by their sugary texture. Using almond and soy milk along with brown rice flour lent a nutty foundation for our pancake batter that could be expanded in either direction. Ideal! No Calorie Xylitol Sweetener helped immensely in cutting the sugar calories to 0, without effecting taste. I even added a tad bit of flaxseed for that wonderful Omega-3 boost!

my lemon-parsley pancakes, not as beautiful as the first, but no less tasty.

If I may say so, these pancakes were delicious, nutritious, and stupendous! Although Fat Tuesday felt like a Fat Tuesday, it wasn’t as calorie intensive as it could have been. In the end, isn’t that what this whole lent thing is about?

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