the many darings of life: take charge and recharge!

a new little tenant wedged in between the window and the grill cover back at my parent's

Apparently my parents and little sister have taken on a new tenant in my home away from university home. A cute little Raccoon named, Rebecca. Although “she” is constantly referred to as a “he,” gender really isn’t an issue with a free-loading four-legged tenant. The name stuck regardless. My sister seems to have raised over $170,000 dollars in under two hours as part of her school for a charity event. I’m not sure of the organization, but I do know how proud I am of her!

It just makes me hope all my work for scholarship applications isn’t going to waste.

On that note, I have been so incredibly busy. Everything has been hammered into me since last Monday. From writing plays and poems, to organizing textbooks and programming events, and constantly revising scholarship drafts and meeting with referees, my life has been one giant whirlwind. Yet, this weekend proved reprieve from my constant upheaval.

During a late night speed dating event on Friday, I guessed 1113 sweethearts in a basket winning my 1st prize and a $50.oo gift certificate to Joseph’s Steakhouse. Spectacular! This 1979 Disney movies called Unidentified Flying Oddball puts a spaceman into King Arthur’s court. It was so campy I was unable to contain my laughter. Another friend ran miles in the Iowan cold just to see The Immortals with me. Which was, by the way, incredibly fantastic, though not as gory as expected. Yeah, they are pretty amazing.

And although I had the longest night of my life in a while, it still turned out to be the most productive and relaxing and recharging.

I’m happy.

I never win things like this; but when I do, I'm always at a love-themed event going only for the food. (:

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