Parental Guidence

because they have always been there for me, I wanted to include something I believe represents them. and there will be no offense taken, i guarantee it. or at least, i really really hope there will be no offense taken by them.

the end of Spring Break was not at all relaxing; however, it was still enjoyable. i got to spend a glorious amount of time with my little sister. i only pray that my guidance went well. regardless, i now understand how completely dedicated my parents are to each other. and how my dad, despite his gruff appearance, will do anything for my mother, my sister, and inevitably, me.

this also links to the fact that my father inadvertently described himself as a pokemon. yay! so this reference applies as well.

hahaha, enjoy my mother and my father as:

because the Beauty had to tame the Beast, they will always be together in spite of life's turbulence.

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