When All The World’s A Warm

for some odd reason, Spring sprung with sprouting pollen seeds and grasses in the midwest. this took a huge toll on my allergies, but nonetheless I have persevered. I think my life has been more about dealing with my inner conflicts and problems than my outer ones. However, today was described wonderfully by  my best friend as being “foggy” (despite the overlay of SUN when the weatherman shouted RAIN). 

still- i simply wandered from waking to a light breakfast, lunch, and–comparatively–light dinner with class, working out, and studying in between. 

i am fortunate because i have a family that is willing to support me in whatever i do. a sensei who basically stated that no more assignments count for grades. which is FINE BY ME! and i think a very restful night ahead of me regardless of work load.

so here’s to the dreamers, the believers, and the doers. the passionate, the proud, and the brave. here’s to the ones that make life worth living. to the ones where a living isn’t worth another’s life. because when the tough gets going, you are the ones leading the charge, taking the stand, and shaking your fists into the sky yelling We will not stagnate! We will run run run into the fields, up the skyscrapers, and through the towns until our feet become bruised, our knees buckle, and our legs break. We will SPARK dynamic thought PROVOKE a revolution coagulate until we BURST the seams of statutory society.

all while sipping dark mocha mint green tea in an espresso cup one space bar smash at a time…

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