Adobe CS6 Beta Released!

The Adobe Press Release team announced today that a FREE BETA of Photoshop CS6 is now available! What are you waiting for?! Go to Adobe Labs for Mac OS and Windows – in English and Japanese. Beta users can submit feedback via the Photoshop CS6 beta forum.

Since I’ve already jumped the gun and downloaded it, my experiences with it are limited, if not excited! A new interface is much easier to mangage. Despite being absent from past Adobe products for a short while, the interface was simpler and straight-forward. It let me play around with it, rather than making me have to shift through countless web pages of “how to use” and “tutorials.”

Though I haven’t got so far as to perusing all the new features brought up in the press release, I can say that I’m really excited about this product! It’s lightning fast even on my 13.3 in Mac (which isn’t set up for high graphics capabilities). It looks so much better than previous versions. Additionally, I think it could be usable be everyone.

So, even if you’re not into Adobe, a designer, or even interested, just GO FOR IT! Download it and mess around with it for a couple of hours. When have you ever turned down free stuff before? When have you ever not liked getting access to high-quality technology for free?! And who knows…

Maybe you’ll be impressed as I am. Maybe you won’t. But at least you’ll have tried, and that my friends, is the key to success with Adobe.

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