too much responsibilities

so it always occurs to me that i never realize how many responsibilities I have until i get to the meeting (that usually takes 2 hours) and then realize it is going to take 4 hours, but may take more because I just realized that i’m in charge of not one, not two, not seven, no ten different people (which is kinda scary and insane).

Thinking of all my other responsibilities University wise, I’m just a bit shocked by how much I am still volunteering–since I’m not getting paid–and that my grades haven’t completely gone out by the wayside. In other news, I’m still able to write a monthly column (that IS getting done by the way, I promise) and run a dungeons and dragons campaign AND somehow still mangage to have the time to a) have friends; b) socialize–though then again it’s all centered around group studying, anime Iowa, and DnD; and c)…..still manage to think i’m free enough to maintain a relationship that may or  may not even occur. C should probably be changed to and i work out and eat a balanced diet.


Though I had 1/2 of a decent brownie today, but I packed a burger and cabbage so that I don’t eat pizza when it comes. So I think that more than makes up for it. (: ne?

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