because I need to do work and not this….

instead of Japanese work, which should probably be done, I’m sitting here typing aimlessly away at the keyboard into this tiny box on WordPress to update everyone that I’m incredibly busy and need to be better allocating my time/not getting sleep/actually working instead of this. 


Every time I see a golden Honda Odyssey I think of my mother. She owns one currently, but wants to get a different color and model–as ours is seeing the end of its days. But when she gets a different color, will I continue to recognize it? Have I been conditioned to have a preference for that golden taupe sheen over the others? To be honest, I like the other colors such as Silver and Black better than the Gold. …… I’ll guess we’ll just see what happens. 

In other news, I wish I had time to work out today. So instead, I’m just going to run around everywhere to get things done when normally something could be completed close to my apartment, I’ll just run somewhere else to complete it instead further away. It’s a nice day out. Albeit colder. So I’ll be burning calories keeping me warm AND walking furthur.

On the downside? I may or may not eat ice cream tonight. -shurgs- You can’t help the life of college student right? 

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