what’s the best medium of….

….communicating pictures? communicating ideas? communicating thoughts?

when you think a stream of consciousness, you think (or I do) tumblr. but it’s more of a fan base. it’s moe of a personal site. blogging and reblogging others thoughts and pictures and works. but those reblogs have to come from a source blog don’t they?

so i am thinking of creating that source blog. i need a place for when i take pictures of my food, i can easily upload the picture with a small snippet of a caption and then go back and edit it further. tag it. make it available.

i’m keeping this blog of course! but i think a tumblr would be more effective in showing the different aspects of a personal memoir, rather than an upload of my belongings. i think this means this site is going to undergo a bit of a revamp in the next month. although, i wonder if i should be spending my time on this and (once again) not my japanese.  . . I have time. I just have to recognize that the time I do have is there.

then again, I just realized wordpress has a free mobile app for iPhone. and it would be much better and perhaps more legitamate to just keep things simple by having everything in one giant blog. . . hm.

any comments on this?

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