I’m beginning to do work better in the morning…

…which isn’t so much scary as it is startling. I’m not a morning person, or rather, I was not much of a morning person. Yet, I find myself drawn to waking up and then just getting stuff done. On the plus side, it leaves me with a lovely little interval of about 30min to do with what I please when I don’t work out; and when I do work out, I have just enough time to do everything.

pues en la vista retrospectiva, miro bueno por mi fortuna en mi vida y en mi escuela y en mi lingüistica y en mi jápones. pero, todos los días trabajo mucho que mi academica, sin embargo, me gusta la vida universidad y no será que cualquie otra manera.

Now, I just have to make sure I actually memorize this little piece of dialogue and I should be fine. Hey, wait, look at that! I’m actually typing about doing the Japanese work, rather than just talking about doing it. I think this is an accomplishment.

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