first bite of a broken lent: ah bagels again

Since last week was passover, I was unable to partake in breaking lent with the rest of my colleagues. SO instead I went to coffee shoppe and partook of coffee and fruit. c:

This Wednesday morning I bite into a fresh, Bruegger’s tomato and basil bagel with garden vegetable cream cheese lightly spread over the top. Sipping my first cup of coffee, it’s very surprising to me I was able to get up this morning and function without it. Then again, I did have a very late night at Perkins where I consumed enough for the calories of this morning and into the afternoon. So perhaps I’m not working off so many calories as I could—-bah!

The reason I’ve gotten up and gotten my act together is to avoid these nonsense debates with myself. I work out 60 min = I eat all the foods. Simple. Simple. Yummy. ❤

Only one project is completed. How scary is that? Ah well, it’ll all get done. Now to study for a Japanese test. . . .

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