Transit onward to UCD

You have to get into the EU line only to get out as quick as you can.

This man’s remark sums up the Irish politics quite well for a foreigner. With the austerity signs, radio ads, and the vote no/vote yes posters, I’m seeing more politics than America already. Or maybe I’m just desensitized.

Regardless, Ireland has been one of the most wonderful places to explore. I’ve climbed mountains in flats, trekked the hills of Tara in sandals, and skipped Giant’s Causeway in boots. I’ve made fast friends. My new travel blog TumbleweedWords has already been given to strangers across the pond. My article has been edited for Niche. This blog is getting revitalized as more an update ground and musings on my life as it should be.

And all my photos from San Francisco have been uploaded. Yes. I think this 3-day interim had been good to me. Now to start writing. And studying. All over again. . .


3 thoughts on “Transit onward to UCD

  1. It seems like your Ireland trip is just as exciting as my Japan trip is. Glad you’re finding some time to chill and get work done – today is the first day I’ve had time to do it! (and my Adobe Days post still isn’t done, lol). When I get back and you have some time, we’ll have to catch up 🙂

    • My Adobe Days Post also isn’t even done yet! But that has more to do with Anime Iowa than anything…regardless, please let’s catch up! c: Writers are very confusing individuals & not as inspiring as the bloggers I met.

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