finally some Irish rain and oh look! a new column on Niche Magazine

the rain in Ireland has surprisingly been kept to the nights, though I am grateful for its lulling to deep sleep, blocking of artificial light (and morning sun light), and reluctance to entre my open window because of pulled blinds. i’ve assimilated well with a 1/2 australian, 1/2 cambridgeshire accent. i write with a British english tone anyway, so I’m glad I can finally read my work in it.

it makes me happy.

in other news, please check my newest column at Niche Magazine titled “Japan in a Box.” There is nothing like eating Japanese food in San Francisco then knowing you’re going to share that experience with others via the internet.

also, if you haven’t checked out my newest blog TumbleweedWords, please do so! As a travel writer and a tumbleweed, my words try to incorporate as much as they can of my experiences and reflections from across the highway or across the pond.

constantly trying to find the time to have it freely, enjoy everything for now!


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