rescue old posts: Omelette of Mediterasian

It’s not entirely Mediterasian, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate to say that it wasn’t. Even less accurate would have been to deem it just another “Pepper Omelette.” Because it’s not. It is really quite more than that. It’s delicious. It’s spicy. It’s healthy.
And it’s. . .

made in the microwave.

Smiling amused.

the fantastic pepper omelette

The farm-fresh eggs made this omelette even more special. The yolks were huge and nutrient dense inside the shells. This omelette maker can only handle four eggs. Overflowing with eggs, at about 3/4 done, we overlaid the jalepeñosweet, and green peppers over the egg mixture.

We ended up doctoring many of the vegetables inside the omelette. My Japanese Chef wanted to suture them into the egg. I gave up and just poured them on top. Underneath, we stuffed spinach leaves from the local farmer’s market and added some mushrooms–because why not? Despite this fault, it tasted deliciously nutritious regardless.

a closer shot of true egg deliciousness

With some crumbled tomato-basil feta cheese (raw, of course), this omelette popped! in our mouths. Crunchy peppers and just slightly roasted spinach leaves complimented the slight spices of cayenne and crushed red pepper. This is definitely one omelette to remember and repeat. Only next time–>

We’re making it with our new spicy pepper–the habenero. But more of our love of it to come soon. The Mediterasian Omelette con Peppers is a fantastic go-to Healthy meal. Even though it is made in the microwave, the prep work can take quite a while (especially if you don’t have pre-sliced mushrooms, which–thankfully–we did.) At the start of term, I bought a plastic microwave omelette maker. It looks akin to the microwave egg poacher. Rarely has it been used as intended. Instead, I’ve been making meager fried egg wraps. One egg in this omelette container turns into a thin tortilla-esque shape. Not quite perfect for wrapping overlaid vegetables, but not quite a fried egg either. Though, that might be tried next. . .


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