Who I Am

This blog is dedicated to the women who showed me how to not be afraid to put myself out there, my overly supportive family, my beautiful best friend, my all too complicated life, and my entire readership. Thank you.

The Author: Ashling

Of all the worlds out there, there is none quite like this one.

Ashling is a Whovian who can’t stop watching Sherlock during her 145 days of summer vacation (not that she actually has time to watch it). As a multi-genre writer currently attending the University of Iowa for Creative Writing, English, and International Studies, she’s over-committed, high achieving, and can never have too much coffee.

She’s a firm believer that british tele is better than american; psychology belongs over politics; manga over marvel; and anime trumps all american cartoons.

A Story-Teller
A Creator
An Innovator

Personal Goals: To reinvent the french term genre and to write widely consumed stories, whether they be blogs, fiction novels, short stories, or screenplays.

Professional Goals: finish undergraduate and attend the University of Glasgow, in Scotland to get a Masters of Literature in Creative Writing and continue onward to getting a Doctorate of Writing.

The Blog: Too Much Life

They are an audience: few though fit.

I started this blog in 2011 to have a more personal means of communication with my parents as I continued University. I tried to use it as often as possible. And the more I updated my family, the more I updated the world. My extended family began to subscribe to my posts as well. Then other WordPress users shortly followed.

I began to realize how easy it was not just to inform my family or friends, but inform publishers, professionals, and even professors of my writing experiences as a student both in America and Overseas.

This blog started as a personal outpour of IDEAS and EMOTIONS, but is quickly changing to incorporate all my avenues of achievements and endeavors. As I pursue a multi-genre life, it will be recorded here for me, for you, and for the world.

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