Transit onward to UCD

You have to get into the EU line only to get out as quick as you can.

This man’s remark sums up the Irish politics quite well for a foreigner. With the austerity signs, radio ads, and the vote no/vote yes posters, I’m seeing more politics than America already. Or maybe I’m just desensitized.

Regardless, Ireland has been one of the most wonderful places to explore. I’ve climbed mountains in flats, trekked the hills of Tara in sandals, and skipped Giant’s Causeway in boots. I’ve made fast friends. My new travel blog TumbleweedWords has already been given to strangers across the pond. My article has been edited for Niche. This blog is getting revitalized as more an update ground and musings on my life as it should be.

And all my photos from San Francisco have been uploaded. Yes. I think this 3-day interim had been good to me. Now to start writing. And studying. All over again. . .


How to Meet Cool People From Your State: Get Out of It.

truth be told. the coolest people from the state of Iowa that I have met have never actually been in Iowa. It’s as if Iowa is their “downtime” or their “relaxation. I use air quotes to signify this simply because even though they feel like they aren’t doing anything, they are probably still involved in the online world, the college world, and this thing people over 25 call “the real world.”

that’s in air quotes for a different reason. 

regardless, I never thought a non drinking non partaking of free food event would be so festive, so fun, and so friendly. This kid that started a highly successful blogs knows both Yuuki (straaaange, as in he dated her best friend in high school strange) and My Tech Ninja (as in lived in his apartment this past whole semester).

Iowa’s got some super interesting and influential people. Watch out. You just won’t know they are from Iowa, because, well, they are never there. For that matter, neither am I. 

back to working out at a 24/7 gym, waking up to free coffee and with all luck a beautiful copy of the Wall Street Journal on my doorstep, and an exciting adventure in the world of Adobe Days @ 7:45! 

Breakfast like a True Texan in DFW airport. 

Now, I’m reliving two hours here at San Francisco at last! least of all worried about traffic or bus rides or being inconspicuous, i hope the front desk gives me cash so I have one dollar bills to pay for the exact change bus fare to get to Japan Town. @ least this breakfast was okay. cannot WAIT to meet everyone at tonight’s Wine Reception for the Adobe student bloggers. only time will tell what is all in store for me this trip! (: 

Finals Week

as i stare at my computer drifting away into the blank space of my mind, i desperately want to write my play; i do! i’m actually incredibly excited to begin writing it…yet i find myself completely and utterly lost at a words to begin writing it.

i don’t know if it’s the lack of sugar in my system (wrong; i’m drinking Vitamin B Natural Sugars Starbucks Refreshers right now) or the lack of coffee (wrong; i just had a mug full @ my great friend’s house this afternoon) or the lack of sleep (maybe? but i got 6+ hours last night so, that should be fine). regardless, i’m not writing my one act play. i’m writing on my blog about not being able to write.

i’m such a hypocrite.

still, the internet has been seeing inside my soul as it shows me ad after ad for three topping dominos pizza and instant coffee. i battle those thoughts, eating red cabbage and spinach leaves instead–rather tasty to be honest; i love veggies. as my mind tries to relax and put itself in the right frame, i debate whether to move from the spot with free coffee and a somewhat pleasurable aesthetic to somewhere that i have no idea where. >.<;;; 

breathing isn’t difficult.
writing isn’t difficult.
starting is difficult.

and if no where is going to help me start, where should i go? i desperately need to write this. as in, i don’t/shouldn’t even go to the gym because that’s how badly i need to write this. when something takes priority over THAT, it’s d*** near important. (there was a pause of about five minutes here.)

maybe if i just switch tables….i’ll be able to work better. i think that’ll do it. or i could just go back to my apartment and study in the comfort of my floor and rearrange my room to make it even better? nah, there’s no way to rearrange my room and i write better at a table. so i think i’ll just move to another table at this same location facing the NORTH rather than the south. -breathes deeply-

can we

Merry Beltane Wishes!

Dearest All,

For everyone who reads this lovely post, I wish you a merry and blessed Beltane.

Beltane literally translates as “first fire” and marks the second major festival of the year for me. As this post gets edited, images from my Instagram will appear. Because like every holiday, I like to celebrate with food. Healthy. Amazing. Good for you. Food.

For now, I needed to at least wish everyone a warm blessing for the coming month. Hopefully, it will indeed get warmer and brighter and my mouth will enjoy eating again. For right now, many thanks to all!





what’s the best medium of….

….communicating pictures? communicating ideas? communicating thoughts?

when you think a stream of consciousness, you think (or I do) tumblr. but it’s more of a fan base. it’s moe of a personal site. blogging and reblogging others thoughts and pictures and works. but those reblogs have to come from a source blog don’t they?

so i am thinking of creating that source blog. i need a place for when i take pictures of my food, i can easily upload the picture with a small snippet of a caption and then go back and edit it further. tag it. make it available.

i’m keeping this blog of course! but i think a tumblr would be more effective in showing the different aspects of a personal memoir, rather than an upload of my belongings. i think this means this site is going to undergo a bit of a revamp in the next month. although, i wonder if i should be spending my time on this and (once again) not my japanese.  . . I have time. I just have to recognize that the time I do have is there.

then again, I just realized wordpress has a free mobile app for iPhone. and it would be much better and perhaps more legitamate to just keep things simple by having everything in one giant blog. . . hm.

any comments on this?

because I need to do work and not this….

instead of Japanese work, which should probably be done, I’m sitting here typing aimlessly away at the keyboard into this tiny box on WordPress to update everyone that I’m incredibly busy and need to be better allocating my time/not getting sleep/actually working instead of this. 


Every time I see a golden Honda Odyssey I think of my mother. She owns one currently, but wants to get a different color and model–as ours is seeing the end of its days. But when she gets a different color, will I continue to recognize it? Have I been conditioned to have a preference for that golden taupe sheen over the others? To be honest, I like the other colors such as Silver and Black better than the Gold. …… I’ll guess we’ll just see what happens. 

In other news, I wish I had time to work out today. So instead, I’m just going to run around everywhere to get things done when normally something could be completed close to my apartment, I’ll just run somewhere else to complete it instead further away. It’s a nice day out. Albeit colder. So I’ll be burning calories keeping me warm AND walking furthur.

On the downside? I may or may not eat ice cream tonight. -shurgs- You can’t help the life of college student right?