Increasing The Hype! Adobe Creative Suite 6

All semester I have been tirelessly working. From university classes to summer convention planning and now to the reveal of this! (Adobe work), I haven’t been running around as crazy as I could have been. Then again, I’m probably overworking myself as usual. Regardless, I love every single minute of it.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That being said, I’m pleased to announce something that I’ve kept secret for months. I have had the opportunity to work with the most fantastic people and experience the newest and best software the design world has to offer. I’ve been one of the many who’ve worked this past semester not just keeping things secret, but making things better. So I am pleased and proud to announce the upcoming and finally allowed to talk about–

Adobe Creative Suite 6!

the faces of Adobe just keep getting brighter.

As a university student by profession and designer by hobby, my monthly budget is usually filled with textbooks, groceries, and other student expenses. Even with the fantastic deals corporations like Adobe offer students for their products, I’m left to wonder what makes the newest editions of their products any better from the older editions. I know I could purchase older editions off the Internet. If I wanted to make sure I had the latest updates, I could share with friends or use the University’s computers. Why should university design students bother including the expense for the latest design software?

Why not?

As this multi-media designer will tell you, there is nothing more convenient than owning your own software. University computer labs are not open twenty-four seven—neither is your friend’s basement apartment. For us Northerners, trying to battle a blizzard just to use Photoshop or Illustrator is both silly and potentially skin damaging. Frostbite doesn’t look attractive on anyone’s nose, ears, or cheeks. Having our own copies is essential to our life’s work, even if during school it remains a hobby.

After sitting on multiple conference calls outlining Adobe Creative Suite 6, I can barely contain my excitement for this product! Professional and student designers will be squirming in their seats to get their copy. However, I can guarantee the Adobe production team is doing everything in their power to make them try. Past Adobe editions haven’t changed that much from their predecessors. A few bugs and glitches were fixed, but other than that the products worked pretty much the same: computer bound applications with little flexibility outside other Adobe products.

breaking records and pushing limits: Adobe CS6 does it all

Adobe Creative Suite 6 is the complete repurposing and re-marketing of Adobe products. Expanding the playing field for professionals, teachers, and students alike, Adobe is finally creating a market for every interest in the social media world. Industries once thought separate from the Adobe market are being brought into many aspects of Adobe CS6. Even the layman designer could easily market themselves in multimedia industries with a more understanding User Interface that is carried across the new Adobe CS6 line.

In this technology-driven world, design software and computer skills (or lack thereof) can make (or break) a graduate’s resume. The college student audience needs to get on board, despite Adobe’s wide professional audience. How can we expect to be competitive in the professional world when we aren’t familiar with the technology in our school years? We cannot skimp out on ourselves simply to save a couple hundred dollars. In the long run, that could be another thousand in the bank.

It’s not just me that’s taken notice. Since Photoshop CS6 was released as a public beta on March 22nd, 2012 for Mac OS and Microsoft® Windows® platforms, there have been nearly one million downloads of the software worldwide – surpassing any public beta in Adobe’s history. With its increased performance of editing in real time and a new Content Aware Patch feature, Photoshop CS6 has raised the bar for photo editing software.

Having been through the complete beta testing stage of CS6, I can guarantee Adobe’s claims of streamlined content and performance throughout the software. Before CS6, Adobe tended to look unfriendly to the average consumer. Yes, it was powerful. Yes, it would help. But was it worth the hours it took to learn the product? That was highly debated. Not anymore.

where there are people, there is beauty; where there is art, there is Adobe

Adobe CS6 has carried over their Photoshop interface to include multiple easy to access icons to help the casual user begin to use their products right away. The CS6 interface is beautiful, streamlined through all their products, and softens the once overtly professional tone.  Adobe Creative Suite isn’t just a feature upgrade; it’s an experience upgrade.

With Creative Cloud technology, students can take their projects with them. From the dorm room to the classroom, Adobe isn’t confined to a high-performance desktop machine anymore. It can sit on your lap in the park. It can workout with you as you cycle. It can even help you study—procrastinate—during the upcoming finals week. With what ever it is going to do for you, it’s strong artistic and business capabilities make Adobe CS6 something for even the non-design majors to get excited about.

Get Excited. Get Noticed. Start Saving Up.

Adobe’s pushing the limits of the design and technological world; and You will be too.


Adobe CS6 Beta Released!

The Adobe Press Release team announced today that a FREE BETA of Photoshop CS6 is now available! What are you waiting for?! Go to Adobe Labs for Mac OS and Windows – in English and Japanese. Beta users can submit feedback via the Photoshop CS6 beta forum.

Since I’ve already jumped the gun and downloaded it, my experiences with it are limited, if not excited! A new interface is much easier to mangage. Despite being absent from past Adobe products for a short while, the interface was simpler and straight-forward. It let me play around with it, rather than making me have to shift through countless web pages of “how to use” and “tutorials.”

Though I haven’t got so far as to perusing all the new features brought up in the press release, I can say that I’m really excited about this product! It’s lightning fast even on my 13.3 in Mac (which isn’t set up for high graphics capabilities). It looks so much better than previous versions. Additionally, I think it could be usable be everyone.

So, even if you’re not into Adobe, a designer, or even interested, just GO FOR IT! Download it and mess around with it for a couple of hours. When have you ever turned down free stuff before? When have you ever not liked getting access to high-quality technology for free?! And who knows…

Maybe you’ll be impressed as I am. Maybe you won’t. But at least you’ll have tried, and that my friends, is the key to success with Adobe.