writing, writing, writing: keep that dialogue coming

one email.
five pages of brainstorm.
ten pages of script.
two days later.

alright. so it’s incredible how much excitement has flowed from my fingers and into my writing. i know rough drafts are always rough, but it’s too hard to stop writing to polish them anymore than i already have (as in polishing while I’ve been writing).

for me, writing is a two, sometimes three, step process. So, to go through page after page without truly editing is really intense for me. i can’t wait to go through it and actually read everything that i’ve actually written through and reedit and repolish.

i’m jumping up and down i am so excited.

writing the end, knowing where the manga is going, knowing how everything is going to connect, to transform into the end that actually will combine everything into one huge philosophical arc is just incredible, it’s enthralling and i’m completely involved in the writing.