pancakes, pancakes, pancakes~

for all of you who did not know, i am completely enamored with pancakes. 8D I love them so much.

When I first stumbled upon their pancakes, it was out of blind curiosity. I just thought it was so cool for a farmer’s market tent to serve pancakes! They had me a first bite. Something about their secret pancake recipe had me hooked. Was it the bits of lemon? The early-morning wake up? The sheer complete and utter joy of knowing I was eating pancakes?!

I still don’t care. -smiles- I am so just glad that I have found such a breakfast treasure in the heart of Iowa City.

Now, after our relationship has flourished, I attend this weekly ritual with the utmost care. Get up. Make a thermos of coffee. Starbucks, if you must know, because yes, I am one of those women who needs a legitimate cup of cooperation for breakfast. Send mind signals to me farmers’ market buddy, roommate and cohost of my life Y-. Then, we traverse through the vacant early morning streets to victory! but mostly, pancakes.

Seeing their bright yellow tarp, I just stroll over. Pancakes are not something to be rushed. However, this morning was a special morning. As I walked over, their faces, though excited to see me again, we disappointed. They had forgotten to bring a promotional t-shirt. I shook my head. Like they needed to. I had already given directions and commented to everyone in my classes to TRY THESE PANCAKES! Nevertheless, I pulled out a poem I was going to give them in exchange anyway. Why not? They deserved to know I wrote about them!

Glancing it over, I couldn’t quite accurately read the expression on their faces. Were they excited? Shocked? Happy?! I’m going to say a little of all three. Because before I knew it, the Griddle God, looked up and stated, “This totally deserves some free pancakes.”


The Pancake Prince poured the batter onto the griddle immediately. asjelgkstgs!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes ears nose mouth what ever. I so hope I looked as excited as I was on the inside.

Oh my fgsh~

Now, remember, this is built over a lifetime (weeks) of pancake eating and patronage. So it’s not a random person brings them poem and then they give them free pancakes. That would be silly! Still, I was flabbergasted! They make my Saturday morning to die for! I wait all week, undergo my stresses, just to know I am getting pancakes at the end of it all. and today?  Well, today I found myself with an extra $5 dollars, two new friends, and a belly full of two 12in diameter pancakes.

Yes, today has been and should continue to be a phenomenal day! I know when I go back next week; I will splurge. I’ll get pecans ON TOP of my pancakes. (: So what if it costs a little extra. They deserve the extra charge, because their pancakes–and their friendship–is worth every cent.