lo’ behold! my first successful Pancake Creation de Mardi Gras!

a lovely heart shaped lime pancake; the first successful one I have ever made on my own.

Nothing tastes better than breakfast. Anytime of the day. So, when Foodimentary alerted me that Mardi Gras was synonymous with Pancake Day, I absolutely had to have pancakes. Originally, I was to rely on my friend’s pre-made, terribly unhealthy pancake mix out of a box. Thankfully (for both our sakes), she had a paper to write.


Instead I crafted my own Pancake/Waffle mix recipe from scratch! Completely gluten, lactose, and butter free, the entire batter totaled 750 calories with about 7 pancakes total. At only about 110 calories per pancake, I would say this marvelous experiment was a complete and utter success! Not only can I make pancake batter from scratch, I can make it in less than 10 minutes.

Whether or not this is good overall is yet to be seen. Immediacy to pancakes would ruin them. As such, I won’t be making them often. That and I just found out that I can make egg crepes.

yes, that's a little egg crepe you see. it may look like an omelette, but it isn't.

As in, I slightly beat an egg, spread it over the entire round surface of a pan like a crepe until it is very thin, and then flip it before it burns to create a solid disk of an egg. Egg crepes are now my new tortillas. Instant protein with all the versitility of a wrap. 

However, this post is about Mardi Gras festivities in the form of pancakes. Savory and sweet! our pancakes had a lemon and lime and parsley. Not traditionally seen in American pancakes. They weren’t sweet; they were sweetened. Pancakes can get weighted down by their sugary texture. Using almond and soy milk along with brown rice flour lent a nutty foundation for our pancake batter that could be expanded in either direction. Ideal! No Calorie Xylitol Sweetener helped immensely in cutting the sugar calories to 0, without effecting taste. I even added a tad bit of flaxseed for that wonderful Omega-3 boost!

my lemon-parsley pancakes, not as beautiful as the first, but no less tasty.

If I may say so, these pancakes were delicious, nutritious, and stupendous! Although Fat Tuesday felt like a Fat Tuesday, it wasn’t as calorie intensive as it could have been. In the end, isn’t that what this whole lent thing is about?

Happy Zombietine’s Day!

drowning in their own brokenhearted deliciousness~

of everything I’ve made, nothing has been funner than making Pastapocalypse! Using a gingerbread man pasta gotten off a sale rack, my friend and I picked apart all the men from the houses. Using a delicious Italian Meat Sauce recipe I save only for such delightful occasions, we started out Zombietine’s Week out right.

With a whole lot of dead bodies and blood.

This holiday takes on many forms. Whether it becomes “Single’s Awareness Day” or “An Actual Romantic Celebration,” Valentine’s Day remains yet another holiday that is supposed to shared with friends and good food (in the form of cheesy heart shapes, puns, or chocolate covered zombies). The food part makes this yet another holiday to enjoy.

"All I want is love!.....and to eat your brain."

So when I lovingly set the Zombie Brains on the table again tonight… When I reminisce over the Cannibalistic Chocolate Chili (that will appear on my other blog, Mediterasian)… When I set the table with little Love Bites before going to Yotopia for some “Alternative V-Day Sweets” event….

I’ll remember my family–who lovingly sent my Valentine’s Day granola.
I’ll smile at all the dark chocolate in my cabinets–because I’m making brownies this weekend AND because my roommates parents gave her two FULL bags of it.
I’ll pause before I sink my teeth into your brain.

Because really:

Isn’t it the Thought that Counts?

Happy Zombietine’s Day Everyone! 

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hello everyone, please check out my article “Curbing the Freshman 15 without Diet or Exercise” @ talknerdy2me–an online college life blog run by NSCS (National Society for Collegiate Scholars).


i’m super excited to be a part of their writing team and encourage you to read my article there! it just got posted. . . . TODAY! so happiness ensues!