Evacuate the Dance Floor!. . . Again: Jefferson Building

Warning this is an emergency. Evacuate the building. Warning: this is a declared state of emergency.  

he was a just as confused as we were....

Usually, I hear those words INSIDE of a building. However, today I did not. Instead I heard them outside walking down the Iowa City Downtown, followed by some sirens, and a lot of disgruntled people. Regardless of the situation, emergency was far from it. Huddled outside in the predicted (used loosely here) 50° F weather was no fun for these students and professors who were hauled out of their comfortably warmer offices for the bittersweet rush of cool air and a whole lot of fire trucks.

Cars drove into the shouldn’t be a two way street hoping to squeeze by. Ha! Dozens of vehicles began to clog the already too narrow street and what was everyone doing? Well, what normal people do in emergencies. Take photographs.

I myself took quite a few to commorate this event.

Making my way into this crowd of people, I found an old professor of mine. What’s going on?  I questioned, hoping for some juicy tidbit of an exploded toaster or a microwave bag of popcorn set just a little too long. No. Just an unknown cry of a faulty alarm that may or may not have said Iowan Springs shouldn’t be cold enough to make the boiler overheat.

oh that poor SUV mirror....

It may not have been worth my time if the fire truck–bless him–hadn’t at that moment made the entire thing worthwhile. Inching his way a little bit up to see if he could let one car escape the fray, his right back corner completely tore off the left side mirror of the SUV Police Car. As if the SUV Police Car didn’t have enough trouble in Iowa City’s vibrantly anti-gasoline, pro-environment culture driving around and parking in downtown IC.

Yes, I did burst into fits of laughter. Yes, I did take pictures. and Yes, I am one of those people that thinks emergency alerts are the funniest things to happen after you’ve gotten 40% off Iced Coffee [because that’s all your mouth wants], discounted apples [because fortune would have that you walk in when they’re mispriced], and still somehow heard the emergency voice over the numerous sirens.

Ah, yes, for a day that had nothing productive attributed to it because I just didn’t want to do any of it. It sure has been one incredibly packed day.