Happy Zombietine’s Day!

drowning in their own brokenhearted deliciousness~

of everything I’ve made, nothing has been funner than making Pastapocalypse! Using a gingerbread man pasta gotten off a sale rack, my friend and I picked apart all the men from the houses. Using a delicious Italian Meat Sauce recipe I save only for such delightful occasions, we started out Zombietine’s Week out right.

With a whole lot of dead bodies and blood.

This holiday takes on many forms. Whether it becomes “Single’s Awareness Day” or “An Actual Romantic Celebration,” Valentine’s Day remains yet another holiday that is supposed to shared with friends and good food (in the form of cheesy heart shapes, puns, or chocolate covered zombies). The food part makes this yet another holiday to enjoy.

"All I want is love!.....and to eat your brain."

So when I lovingly set the Zombie Brains on the table again tonight… When I reminisce over the Cannibalistic Chocolate Chili (that will appear on my other blog, Mediterasian)… When I set the table with little Love Bites before going to Yotopia for some “Alternative V-Day Sweets” event….

I’ll remember my family–who lovingly sent my Valentine’s Day granola.
I’ll smile at all the dark chocolate in my cabinets–because I’m making brownies this weekend AND because my roommates parents gave her two FULL bags of it.
I’ll pause before I sink my teeth into your brain.

Because really:

Isn’t it the Thought that Counts?

Happy Zombietine’s Day Everyone! 

love. just another drama.

Love is a wonderful thing. . . Right? Everyone loves love. Or maybe, everyone just loves the idea of love. But once the theory is put into practice it never works. It never turns out the way one expects—the undying devotion, the perfect moments of consistent happiness, and the union of two minds and souls. None of that truly happens; at least during adolescent years anyway. No romance is ever perfect, because each partner brings his or her own imperfections to the relationship. The perfect romance doesn’t exist.

However, the best relationship might. Relationships are only able to exist as long as two complete individual souls are capable of coexisting with one another to find a harmonious balance. Whether through fighting or talking, relationships exist to allow an individual homeostasis in their external life. Thankfully for the human race, we have chosen those who bring out the best, or most endearing, qualities of us to live out the years of our lives. But is this love?

Choosing a partner to live with and bear children with based on this principal of homeostasis seems less than the idyllic love we have all come to know. Yet, when looking at the high rate of divorce, the rising number of abortions and pre-marital sex, we are left to wonder: what is love, anymore? If the human race fails in choosing a homeostatic partner, what are they left with? One-Night stands and abortions. We don’t need love; we need that feeling that comes from having someone to share with—our homeostatic partner, our “love.” Humans need the feeling of security that an individual being is beside them. This is what allows love to prosper and to exist. But are we ruining love?

By painting romantic and inaccurate pictures of love how can we be helping love help us? Fairy tale romances belong in children’s fairy tale books. They are fun to read, but that is the love that never happens in real life. Many dreams weddings have been ruined by divorce papers. There is the love you live–, and the love you read. With the media increasing every day, what love will this generation know? The real kind of love or the false kind of love? The love bred by hours of courtship, dedication, and conversation? Or the one bred by hours of keys clicking, bubbles filled it, and a computer generated match?

Love is a fine-toothed comb, leaving no strand untouched and all moved. No, the perfect love of romance and fairy tale does not exist. But, maybe, just maybe, someone out there is searching for balance too. And maybe, just maybe, you won’t reach each other on eHarmony but in real life.