poetry and poetics: the differences in art

many people say “that’s poetic” or “don’t be such a poet!” or maybe, it’s just the people i happen to hang out with. anyway, when someone calls something poetic or starts blabbering corny rhymes and imagery, it can be an instant reaction to:

run away

draw fake tears down your cheeks

or maybe just shout “don’t be so emo!”

but take a step back before any of those occur. is that person even trying to be a poet? is that person just mocking through like poeticly? or is this person ACTUALLY going into that field and speak aloud to feel how the words sound?

poetry is an art form, a machine, a semblance of words on the page, a giant metaphor, etc. etc. etc. . .

poetics is an exaggeration of something that makes it seem more flowery, fanciful, fantastic, etc. etc. etc. . .

poetry is a form of expression and impression. impression not to impress, as in to make someone proud of you or to make them view you higher; but rather to impress, as in to impress your thoughts, images, and ideals on the reader which goes through expression via imagery, metaphor, tone, form, syntax, et al. entirely different from poetics, because although all poets use poetics, not all those who use poetics are poets. 

prose uses many elements of poetry–the metaphor, the figurative philosophies in a story. but what separates poetry from using poetics is the form, not the content, of the work.

poetry is distinguished as such for its tendency towards breaking the line at odd intervals, being more abstract, and even when written in prose is somehow shorter or more flowery.