don’t forget!

don’t forget about my other projects! Two World Cuisine: Mediterasian is going through a review/recap week everyone! Check out these next couple of days for the end of October’s meal, as well as the featured meal of November and December!

Also, be sure to check back regularly as our New Year’s Resolution is to post after every meal! So watch out~ There should be plenty of scrumptious meals on the way!

In other news, tinderb0x is reviving! With some new great artwork made during Winter Break, be sure to look for scans of more sketches and poetry, brought to you by Cirelle Ashling.

TWC: Mediterasian can be found @
tinderb0x can be found @

then again, both are featured as links on the top page. (:

the spark that started a fire.

if any of you know me, it would be from RL, the deviant alias of tinderb0x, or my linkedIn account. for those of you who don’t know me. . .


this blog/journal will be the daily/weekly musing of interesting tidbits of my current literary projects:
a) tinderb0x (that ‘o’ is a zero): tinderb0x is the collaboration between my friend and beautiful artist, Cirelle; you’ll find random scribbles from me and her, short sample scripts, and hopefully a mini-webcomic / manga tidbits.
b) some sort of beginning novel.
c) a dungeons and dragons campaign writing things~

that’s all. let’s believe in the success of the few for the good of the many. just think doctor who. major success. lots of happy fans. c;