it’s so relaxing….

knowing that you have time to finish everything when your days aren’t limited to the whole “wake up” and then “go to sleep” mantra. just working through it regardless of the time and absent from it, rather then bound to it is wonderful!

even better is saying, okay, I have class at 12:30 and a meeting @ 4 and then class @ 5, but other than that I’m free to do whatever is really incredible. if I also just say the first thing I do when I wake up is work out (even if I go sleep after that) then it’s even better. because really, i love working out early in the morning as soon as I wake up. so yes, i’ll be getting up around 5:30 I think to go workout for an hour every day, and then i’ll come back, make breakfast, or i’ll stay out and eat breakfast depending on my mood. and every day will overall be fantastic because i can sleep, eat, and do work whenever I bloody feel like it.

this week’s before Thursday projects:

 Paradise Lost Research Paper Draft 16 pages single spaced edited and printed
 Playwriting One Act Play Completed (in semi-draft form) 16-20 pages AND
 Potential meeting with professor about the play? during office hours, at least emailed
 Japanese Speech Draft Script!
 Japanese Test on Wednesday;
 Japanese Homework on Tuesday (for a chapter I'm supposed to be ahead on);

Also, quote that won’t be said directly, but will be felt through mind-waves:¬†“I’m sorry; there can be nothing between us. I don’t care if you do drugs, or you drink the bottle dry, or if you had sex with every women you met before me. But when you badmouth the rain…that’s just going too far. No one disses my rain.”

the spark that started a fire.

if any of you know me, it would be from RL, the deviant alias of tinderb0x, or my linkedIn account. for those of you who don’t know me. . .


this blog/journal will be the daily/weekly musing of interesting tidbits of my current literary projects:
a) tinderb0x (that ‘o’ is a zero): tinderb0x is the collaboration between my friend and beautiful artist, Cirelle; you’ll find random scribbles from me and her, short sample scripts, and hopefully a mini-webcomic / manga tidbits.
b) some sort of beginning novel.
c) a dungeons and dragons campaign writing things~

that’s all. let’s believe in the success of the few for the good of the many. just think doctor who. major success. lots of happy fans. c;