Happy Zombietine’s Day!

drowning in their own brokenhearted deliciousness~

of everything I’ve made, nothing has been funner than making Pastapocalypse! Using a gingerbread man pasta gotten off a sale rack, my friend and I picked apart all the men from the houses. Using a delicious Italian Meat Sauce recipe I save only for such delightful occasions, we started out Zombietine’s Week out right.

With a whole lot of dead bodies and blood.

This holiday takes on many forms. Whether it becomes “Single’s Awareness Day” or “An Actual Romantic Celebration,” Valentine’s Day remains yet another holiday that is supposed to shared with friends and good food (in the form of cheesy heart shapes, puns, or chocolate covered zombies). The food part makes this yet another holiday to enjoy.

"All I want is love!.....and to eat your brain."

So when I lovingly set the Zombie Brains on the table again tonight… When I reminisce over the Cannibalistic Chocolate Chili (that will appear on my other blog, Mediterasian)… When I set the table with little Love Bites before going to Yotopia for some “Alternative V-Day Sweets” event….

I’ll remember my family–who lovingly sent my Valentine’s Day granola.
I’ll smile at all the dark chocolate in my cabinets–because I’m making brownies this weekend AND because my roommates parents gave her two FULL bags of it.
I’ll pause before I sink my teeth into your brain.

Because really:

Isn’t it the Thought that Counts?

Happy Zombietine’s Day Everyone! 

When You Crave Cabbage. . .

you begin to wonder how healthy you’ve become. . . or rather. You begin to wonder why (even in your completely healthy state) you still want to taste that irrevocably detrimental to your health despite all weather sweetened over-advertised dairy-or-cream-or-fruit based desert that would go perfectly with a steaming, hot gooey, chocolate-filled-dipped-flowing pastry….-takes a deep breath-

Ice Cream/Gelato/Sorbet/Frozen Yogurt.


Fortunately, my perceptive eyes will allow me to get this for free with any toppings that I so desire tomorrow night at 8pm. (: Oh the days at University.

For those of you that can’t get such luxuries for free, try making your own sorbets and frozen yogurt instead of buying it. Or, if you’re craving it now, go to an ice cream parlor. Make an event of it. Because if you buy a pint, a quart, or a gallon, it’ll just me more than you need. You’re less likely to get a Gotta Have It! once you read the price tag.

Invite your friends. Your loved ones.

I mean, it is about to be Valentine’s Day after all.