Where I Write

Niche Magazine: A Shot of Espresso

A Shot of Espresso is my monthly column for Niche Magazine. Featuring my prose as nonfiction essays combining my love traveling, food, and culture all into one solitary place. Stories to tantalize the taste buds. Descriptions to incite wayward journeys through alleyways for food. Moments that are ingrained in my memory to be shared for your enjoyment.


Cirelle Ashling is a collaboration between a writer and an artist. Their signature, the Japanese Hiragana for “wa:” わ. Their work involves the beginnings of a mini comic series and other manga-related projects.

Every Tinderbox needs a Tumbleweed to start wild fires.

expect many tidbits and tinders, sparks and embers, bursting to flame in our tinderb0x. Our major focus is character creation and manga comics. We’ll be keeping you posted throughout all our endeavors, but Find us on Deviant Art for more of our actual scans and creations!

Tumbleweed Words

In the upcoming years, I’ll be living in Three Different Cities of Literature. How do these cities connect? How do they differ? In what ways to they promote literature? Do the people living in those cities even care? Discussing the inner city politics of literature, life, and te pursuit of good food, I’ll try and catalogue my multiple experiences on here and on Tumblr.

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