teris: the forgotten world

writing a dungeons and dragon campaign is hard. writing a legend that is entirely backstory is FANTASTIC!

here is a snippet for all of you out there, not reading this:

Long ago, in the world known as Teris, a great race descended from the heavens. For their sudden and almost divine appearance, the elves named them the Heaven Dwellers. This race had lasted many eons and seen much of other worlds and their beliefs. They were seen as the gods and goddess the Terisin people had worshiped for so long. In order to gain the trust of the people of Teris, the heaven dwellers taught them higher knowledge and showed them how to create more advanced technology. However, it was hard to communicate through the mind and magical means alone. This race needed a better form, a more natural form, of communication. They needed to have a physical body themselves.

The Heaven Dwellers built a machine called the Cuandinator. Willing humanoids began to sacrifice their bodies promised they would become wiser and stronger than ever. Many humans, dwarves, orcs, and even some elves rushed to this machine that granted power. Stronger, wiser, they did become—but not without a price. The soul of a Heaven Dweller overtook their body.  Soon, it became apparent that those who were granted access to the machine came back quite unlike themselves. Just as their personality changed, their physical appearance took on new forms. Their skin took on a more pale purple color with their eyes turning white as the spirits that inhabited them. This half-ethereal, half-humanoid race became known as the Kalashtar. 


I think it will be quite! the campaign and I am super excited to actually get started with everything ah! on another note, I’ll link to the deviant art when I get more stuff on there later.